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"Her flowers are like fireworks, full of life, full of energy with their open corolla …. She even has the ability to bring withered flowers back to life with graceful and deep melancholy."
Goery Coquart

"Andrée Jaclet has always been a painter of light. She uses light to convey her impressions, express the state of shock she went into. Her talent materialises her dreams...."
René Midon

"Her abstract artwork, behind its structured shapes, often reveals something quite real. When she adds her scraping technique to her paintings, they lighten up with their rich glowing colours and give a sensation of joy and lightness."
Jeanine Warnod

"whatever the medium she used, oil pastel or acrylic, André Jaclet always knew how to give life to her white canvas : a sculptural and architectural abstraction with soft and elegant forms that reveal a person with flesh and soul..."
Andrée Bergogne

"Eygalières, haven at the foot of the Alpilles, became the artist's sanctuary for several weeks. From the chalk terraces, Andrée Jaclet had a view of the Alpilles Mountains and she let herself go to audacious transpositions..."

"I broke out of my shell thirty years ago. With that shell, I could not do anything else but reproduce nature in all its fullness respecting every single detail. What's the point?"
Andrée Jaclet


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