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La Couronne de Paris

Pierre Mac Orlan

Union des Bibliophiles de France. 1948

12 original etchings - limited edition of 200 copies

"Maximilien Vox, a typography expert, wanted me to take part to one of his book illustration projects. The book was about the beauty of the scenery around Paris, with texts written by Pierre-Mac Orlan and typographed by Vox. The novelist, who was always wearing his famous beret, invited us to his place in Saint-Cyr-sur-Morin. After a copious and lively lunch, I asked the Master about the text. He replied: "etch the plates, bring them to me and I will start writing"..."

I pointed out that I would need over a year to produce 12 etchings. He claimed back that he was not ready to die which was true since he passed away 27 years later..."