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La Colline inspirée

Maurice Barrès

Société des Bibliophiles franco-suisses. 1941

85 original etchings – limited edition of 120 copies

"In 1930, I had lived for a few months on a farm in Vaudemont thanks to my painter friend, Victor Guillaume. 8 years later, the Franco-Swiss Bibliophiles commissioned me to illustrate Maurice Barres' masterpiece which happened to take place in that beautiful region, on the Sion-Vaudemont Hill, which had inspired me so much back then. It was my first great battle and probably the most beautiful one. It took me 3 years to achieve.

I chose never to draw the 3 Baillard brothers and preferred instead to focus on this mystical sorcery drama set in the spectacular Vosges Mountains scenery. As a result of the success of the book, I started a long and solid partnership with all eminent bibliophile societies..."