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"The Great French Engraver, from the East of France, admirably conveyed in his work the rich poetry of the stunning countryside of Lorraine with its breathtaking beauty especially in winter. Magnificent snow scenes, horrendous long deserted roads, heavy skies were all beautifully depicted by André Jacquemin..."
André Dunoyer de Segonzac - Préface de l'exposition "Galerie Nouvel Essor"1971

"...Jacquemin is an expert at depicting interminable fields. In the foreground, wheat, barley or rye, then stakes delimiting the lands, rows of trees in the distance, and finally the sky, omnipresent. The Vosges Plateau, the Landes of Cotentin, the plaine of Bourgogne. We get a breath of fresh air and get to experience silence ..."
Jeanine Warnod - "Le Figaro"1979

"...Among contemporary artists, no one has depicted Lorraine better than Jacquemin. He has revealed its landscapes, bare but not dried up, and has transposed the gentleness of its mountains, the softness of its light, the beauty of its sky, the life of its farmers..."
René Barotte - "France Soir" 1966

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