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In 1953, A. Jacquemin attended his old friend's funeral, Henri Guingot who was a Sculptor but also the Curator of the Epinal Museum. A few days later, many people in Epinal talked him into applying for the vacant position. The local and regional authorities also thought he would be admirably suited for that position. Consequently the Minister of Arts went along and signed the appointment papers.
By coming back to his home town, he left behind Paris and his artistic life and in a certain way, part of his freedom. But that helped him support his family. In the large apartment, which was part of the job package, he managed to arrange a studio to continue his engraving - etching activity. He was also very excited about his new duties...


During 21 years, thanks to André Jacquemin 's hard work, the Museum of Epinal underwent a complete makeover. The permanent collection was reorganised as well as space. He contacted many of his fellow artists to help him grow the museum acquisitions. Picasso sent him 3 inscribed linoprints. Very fond of the Epinal imagery, André Jacquemin created a whole department dedicated to it. He even managed to acquire a private collection which conferred to the museum the prestigious title of "international museum of popular imagery". He also created an ethnology section to pay tribute to the peasantry from the Vosges. He visited all the farms around and gathered a huge collection of old tools and popular objects. His passion and enthusiasm finally got rewarded. The annual number of visitors to the museum increased amazingly from 3800 in 1953 to 310000 in 1974.


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