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In 1974, André Jacquemin reached retiring age and had to leave the museum of Epinal to go back to Paris. His studio located on the ninth floor of a building, near Palais Royal, had a beautiful view of the city and especially the Sacré Coeur cathedral.
He then reached the pinnacle of his career. He chaired various conferences on printmaking including one about Rembrandt. Exhibitions, which were held throughout his career, were followed by big retrospectives of his work. Prestigious institutions invited him : the French National Library in 1981, the Monnaie de Paris in 1983, the Musée du Luxembourg in 1989 and the Vosges Regional Council in 1990. In March 1981, André Jacquemin was elected member to the French Académie des Beaux-Arts (academy of arts) in the printmaking category. He filled the vacancy made by lithographer and painter Pierre-Eugène Clairin.


Jacquemin passed away at the age of 88 in January 1992, a few months after his wife Andrée had died. The work he achieved throughout his life was remarkable: about 2000 prints (drypoint, etching and engraving), over 6000 drawings, 32 book illustrations including some of the most prestigious names of modern literature, hundreds of watercolours and pastels and a few wall paintings.
Part of his work was commissioned especially for illustrations and portraits. However, he did creative work of his own, simply dictated by passion. He simply wished to reveal the beauty of things and beings. He engraved Landscapes, animals, portraits and nudes with elegance. His love of nature and his amazing joy of living were both reflected in his work.


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